All change in our church in 2012 All change in our church in 2012 The pews A last look at the pews before they become part of our history. 123938856 One for the church records The pews served us well, but now it's time for chairs. 123938857 Easter Sunday Our last 10.30 service with the pews! 123938854 Easter Sunday All-age worship in our old-style setting. 123938855 Easter Sunday Standing to sing. 123938858 Easter Sunday Watch out for more photos to be added as the work progresses. 123938859 A head for heights! The roof gets a lick of paint. 204483391 Do you have a head for heights? Dave Alderson does. This is his photo from the top of the scaffolding! 204483396 Our anniversary cake! We celebrated our church anniversary packed into the hall and had a cake, cut by Ivy and Samuel, the oldest and youngest members at our 10.30am service! 204483392 Looking towards the entrance Can you picture it with people? 127689097 A lick of paint Brightening up the place, ready for worshipping God. 127689098 A great result How many hours of hard work have made this bright and beautiful? 127689100 A look at the transformation Saturday morning and a chance to see the changes. 127689095 Looking towards the entrance How things have changed! We have one main entrance now, not two. 127689101 Ready for worship The chairs set out and ready. We can't wait! 128903029